Meet the Microbes!

Just like people, microbes come in all varieties, too many to keep count. The eleven haikus below appreciate the far-reaching impact they exert upon human health, and remind us that regardless of our plight on Earth, these little suckers are here to stay.


T.J. Kim et al. (2000)



Vibrio cholerae

Toxin from prophage

Opens cell junctions spurring

Insatiable thirst







Source: NIAI




Staphylococcus aureus

Resists wonder drugs,

Filling faces with acne,

And graves through sepsis










Source: Wikimedia Commons




Pseudomonas aeruginosa 

Shines bright turquoise like

Algae (how pretty!) waiting

For the right patient







Source: CDC



Neisseria meningitidis

Humans its sole host,

Punctures with pili into

Phagocytes abound






Source: NIAI




Salmonella bongori

From a town in Chad

The name has made itself known

From lizard to man





Source: NIAID



Yersinia pestis

Bubonic plague spreads

Sparing none the misery

Of kin stained black, dead






Source: NIAID





Mycobacterium tuberculosis 

Gram-stain resistant

Masters of macrophages,

Lung colonizers









Source: The John Innes Center





Streptomyces coelicolor 

Exuding earthly

Scents and extruding such

Potent treasure troves








Source: The Oak Ridge National Laboratory




Deinococcus radiodurans 

Weathers the worst of

Ice, acid, radiation,

Trump card come Earth’s end






Source: AAFC


Thermus aquaticus 

Thermal vents steam,

Honoured to stake PCR

For posterity





Source: MicrobeWiki


Helicobacter pylori

Agent of ulcers,

Barry Marshall its bearer,

Science knows no bounds.

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